Certificate in Geriatric Dentistry

If you are interested in the medical conditions that affect older patients, consider applying to the Online Certificate in Geriatric Dentistry. This program  is a unique and innovative opportunity for practicing dentists who want to learn more on a wide variety of issues while focusing on the unique dental needs of older adult patients within the context of their medical, psycho-social and physical conditions.

Online Certificate in Geriatric Dentistry in a Nutshell
  • Students can continue to work in their practices while in the Program
  • The Program includes 8 courses (12 credits)
  • Tuition, which is adjusted annually, is currently $1,800/credit; it does not need to be paid all at once and we offer payment plans
  • The Program is 12.5 months in length, beginning May and ending in June of the following year
  • The Program is designed for both US and international dentists
  • Students typically can work on the program on evenings or weekends
  • The Program includes 2-3 weekly streaming video lectures, 1 live weekly video conference and online quizzes
  • The Program is primarily online but also includes practical training conducted during the one summer session at the Dr. Roseann Mulligan Special Patients Clinic
  • The Program does not provide a stipend
Starting a new program is a big step, especially for those who have been out of school for many years. That’s why we want to help you choose wisely. Before you apply, email us with questions and ask about the different ways in which you can experience the program.